We live in a time where some folks will argue that diversity is a "bad" thing but when you travel across the country and even here in Texas you will find many DIVERSE cultures and accents. Mainly because (no matter what some talking head politico tells ya) we are a nation of IMMIGRANTS who each brought our own influence into how we talk.

Travel website "The Big 7" decided to do a study of "The Sexiest Accents" in the U.S. and it ranked the "Texas Accent" the sexiest in America.

Who can resist a slow, Texan drawl? Not us, and not our community, clearly. The typical Texan accent is a “Southern accent with a twist”, with strong ‘r’s and plenty of ‘Howdy’s’.  America’s sexiest accent? We’d have to agree. - The Big 7

Well shucks yall, they LOVE our drawl and HOWDY. Even though I'm of the opinion that these folks think that we're stuck in an old Western movie its still a pretty cool honor to have but I do object to a few of their other selections.

For example, BOSTON AND NEW YORK ACCENTS came in 2nd and 3rd. Oh really? Take a listen to Boston:

"Pahk Ya Cah at the Hahbah". Yeah sure... Okay New York.


I'm originally from New Orleans and in MY experience, lots of ladies LOVE our accent, but we were ranked "25th" so I'm smelling a lot of "bias" in this list.

Fa sho whoadie!

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