Killeen was kinda lit this year!
For the most part, almost every top comedian that had shows in Dallas, Austin or Houston stopped by Killeen and did shows.

A lot of them stopped by and hollered at me at the station. If you missed them, here they are:

Bill Bellamy- The legend still has it!  I actually had to come to him at the Killeen Arts and Activities Center backstage..


Lavell Crawford- used to be fat and funny now he's slimmed down and he's still funny- lol....he spoke on at the time was a small controversy with Katt Williams and Tiffany Haddish


Corey Holcomb- was open to finish off your relationship if it was already on the rocks already lol...


Gary Owen- just a plain old funny white dude who is a die-hard Cincinnati Bengals fan!


Kountry Wayne- speaks on not being an internet comedian again by the way seeing him in person is a damn treat he is hilarious!!!!

Stay tuned many more comedians will be stopping through in 2019!

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