There's a new movie hitting the big screens and I'm so here for it.

I remember one summer sitting on the porch and reading urban fiction books. I've always been engrossed in the authors ability to create life on a page. At the age of 12 I claimed 'True To The Game' by Terri Woods my all time favorite book.

13 years later and 10000 books completed and it's still my favorite series. So you can imagine how excited I am that one of the greatest books will be hitting theaters in a few months.

Terri Woods previewed the movie 'True To The Game' during the 2017 BET Awards. We've been waiting for a release date and it's finally here...

Check out this post from author Terri Woods


Based on 'TRUE TO THE GAME" book by Teri Woods! In theaters September! #truetothegamemovie

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