Something is in the water in Central Texas.  8 Sets of twins have been delivered at Baylor Scott & White Hillcrest since January.

KCEN reports shared data from the CDC reporting that twin births have actually been on a decline between 2014 and 2018, dropping by 4% each year.

Despite twin birth rates being on a decline overall, something is going on a little different here in Central Texas.

I can't even imagine having a doctor say, "You're going to have twins", especially during the time we're in right now with COVID-19.  Over the past three months, 8 moms here in Central Texas have heard those words.

A lot of families are struggling right now, and having to take care of one kid is a lot - having brand new twin babies would definitely be tough.

One mom, Alondra Rodriguez, tells KCEN's Cierra Shipley, "Raising babies in a pandemic is even harder."  She's already a mom to 4 girls and welcomed home Dariela and Daliana Mendez at the end of March.

All 8 sets of twins are home safe and healthy now.

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