Tyga was slated to perform at the Omni nightclub in San Diego, Calif. on Friday (May 17). Fans waited, waited and waited some more, but the "Taste" rapper never showed up leaving paying customers at the venue pissed off.

According to TMZ, tickets for Tyga's scheduled nightclub gig were going for $100 for men and $70 for women. Tyga was able to pack out the venue with excited fans, but that excitement turned to resentment when midnight rolled around and Tyga had yet to show up and perform. After things started to get antsy, the DJ reportedly tried to quell the restless crowd for nearly two hours to no avail.

According to witnesses, people began pushing and shoving, and objects were even tossed onto the stage by angry patrons. In video captured from the scene, a large group of people can be seen filing out while one man boos. Others just stand around looking confused. "Where's Tyga?" another man can be heard asking.

The site reports attendees were told nothing could be done about refunding their money. The "Dip" MC has addressed the no-show. On Instagram, he posted the message, "Sorry I couldn't make it to @OmniSanDiego tonight. See y'all next time SD."

Check out video of upset fans leaving the venue following Tyga's no-show and his response below.

Tyga via Instagram
Tyga via Instagram

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