Chicago rapper Vic Mensa has always been an active member of his community, and his latest efforts over the weekend helped the troublesome city's youth in a major way.

In coordination with his SaveMoneySafeLife Foundation, the rapper provided thousands of inner-city children with shoes and sneakers on Sunday evening (Aug. 26), according to WGN. Several news outlets showed up to the West Englewood Community Center as Vic Mensa, Shaun King, Anwar Hadid and other volunteers gave away Pumas, Vans, Jordans, Yeezys and more as a result of a "bait-truck" placed on Chicago's South Side in early August.

"Last week Chicago Police escorted a 'bait-truck' full of shoes through the South Side of Chicago to lure poor people with FREE NIKES," Mensa tweeted out after the news went viral. "So we’re filling a truck with shoes to give away to those who need it." The SaveMoneySaveLife Foundations aimed to giveaway 5,000 pairs, and it looks as if their goal was fulfilled as people came out in droves to support their cause.

During a brief speech at the event, Mensa reportedly quoted Angela Davis and Mao Zedong. "At the end of the day, what we're doing right here is an extension of what we learned from the Black Panther Party, to police the police," he said, according to the Chicago Reader.

The "Metaphysical" spitter, who had a run-in with Chicago PD a couple weeks back, recently spoke to XXL after Washington D.C.'s March for Our Lives rally. During the conversation, Vic Mensa shared his views on gun control laws in Chicago and beyond.

"There’s a price on everything, including the lives of children, the lives of Black men in Chicago, the lives of the elderly. Everyone’s life is for sale in America. I think this whole situation is misconstrued, and it gets complicated having a lawful and constitutional conversation when really, bottom line, this is about a dollar. And a lot of people in America have been indoctrinated and miseducated by the people who speak for them, by the people in power, to believe that they need these weapons that are built, sold and marketed to kill."

Take a look at some powerful images from Sunday sneaker giveaway below.

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