More info of the man I call the 8 Ball jacket man. 25 year old Jorge Pena, says he can't even wear his favorite jacket anymore, but things are looking up because Manhattan prosecutors dropped all charges against him. He now wants to apologize to the girl who he slapped on video that went viral on Youtube.

When I say she was slapped I mean she got the fire knocked out of her. However, making fun of a woman getting slapped is never acceptable,

The former baseball prospect from the Dominican Republic who is a Night Club Bouncer was talking at his lawyers’ office while wearing the infamous 8-ball jacket and got teary telling reporters that he has to leave his favorite jacket in his closet from now on.

This incident might fall in a gray area. She was wildin out and making fun of a  few fellas on the train, one of whom was wearing an 1990 8 Ball jacket. Then she lashed out on the guy filming the situation, and then it happened: the slap heard 'round the world. The slap was so hard and loud, that her momma felt it!

According to one YouTube commenter: "He then turns around and “smacks the soul out of” her. The slap was loud enough for everyone else in the train car to hear."


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