A video circulating the internet of a woman declining a public marriage proposal has everyone chattering. Half of us feel bad for the man left kneeling there alone, while the other half feel worse for the woman that was put on the spot in front of thousands of people to make a big decision.

Watch it below:

Are public proposals appropriate?

If you decline the proposal, you look like a monster, but if you accept it because you feel pressured by a huge cheering crowd, you could also be making a terrible decision. Did this guy purposely put her in a position that might make her feel obligated to say yes? Or is he just completely dumbfounded that she said no?

These are questions I don't have answers to.

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The ordeal does make me rethink the quirky tradition of public proposals. On one hand, I've always thought it would be kind of romantic for someone to ask you in front of lots of people. At the same time, I know I've dated men that were much more interested in marriage than myself, and I can see how things could play out rather poorly.

The bottom line? The courage to say 'no' in front of thousands of people is something to be admired, but there can also be something said for the courage it must take to ask someone to marry you in such a vulnerable way. Heartbreak and bummers, no matter which way you look at it.

Think twice before you propose in public, and think twice before you agree to something you may not want.

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