This right here is why I always slow down a bit at intersections, even though I have a green light.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen someone blow through a red light like it’s not even there. It was bad enough before the invention of the smartphone, but it’s gotten so much worse in the era of distracted driving.

In the video shared earlier today on the Dallas Texas TV Twitter page, you see cars turning onto another street at an intersection in Arlington. Suddenly, along comes a red pickup that cruises right through the red light and into the turning traffic before slamming into a black pickup.

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Now, I could be so wrong about this. But it almost looks as if the driver of the red pickup intentionally hit the black pickup. It looks to me like they swerved toward the pickup rather than away from it.

However, it could be that the swerve was caused by the driver slamming on their brakes. Whatever the case may be, the pickups hit hard, sending debris flying throughout the intersection.

Hopefully, everyone involved is okay. You can’t tell the condition of those involved because the video cuts off as you see the driver of the car whose dashcam filmed the wreck get out to assist the victims.

Let this video serve as a reminder never to assume the other drivers on the road are paying attention. While there’s no guarantee you can avoid a wreck together, a little defensive driving can go a long way.

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