There's nothing quite like creating your own masterpiece for lunch when you're a cook in a restaurant. You've got all of the ingredients at your disposal most of the time you're sick of the basic stuff on the menu because you've had it a million times. You start getting creative and coming up with all kinds of stuff that regular patrons never get to have.

A Whataburger employee posted a TikTok of himself creating Buffalo Ranch Loaded Fries and the internet exploded.

There's even bacon on those suckers. Holy moly!

People are leaving desperate comments below the video, begging Whataburger to add the item to their menu. One person left a comment saying, "give these geniuses a large raise". I would have to agree. There is some deep thinking going on in the back. These guys probably need to be moved to corporate.

Maybe if they added this item to the real menu, everyone would be less salty about the subtraction of the Jalapeno Biscuits. That one still stings when I think about it. Luckily, my favorite item, the BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwich still seems safe. If that disappears, I might just lose it.

Several people asked, "How do I order this???", and well, since it isn't on the menu, I guess you can't exactly order it, but you could get each item piece by piece and construct it yourself. It might be a little bit expensive, but I'd say, it's probably worth it.

Now, after watching the video 11 times, I'm starving and headed for Whataburger.

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