Teacher's what would you do if a student slapped you?

Yup, you read that right..it's a real question because TikTok has a new trend that will end  bad for students.

As if heading back to the class room after a stressful year of dealing with the pandemic isn't hard enough teachers are now being tasked with worrying about becoming the next viral sensation. Earlier this week the world was introduced to a new social media trend that has students attempting to slap their teachers.

TikTok is a social media app that children and adults use for the latest dance moves, songs, recipes and pretty much anything else you can find entertaining. Tiktok users have coined the month of October 'Slap A Teacher' month where they have to record them selves slapping a staff member.

Surprisingly, there a few videos of students actually participating but more teachers explaining what will happen if they are tried.

I'm so happy I'm not a teacher because lawd knows I would be jobless if I was tried. Parents please encourage your children to sit this challenge out. Teachers today was raised off 'knuck if you buck' and Bone Crusher and they are not about to play with your children!


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