Check out the video above and imagine how great it would feel if one of the mentors they are talking about was you.

Temple ISD's WIldcat Mentor Program needs volunteers. They have openings for 16 men and 7 women according to an article in the Temple Daily Telegram.

If you interested you can grab an application right off the Temple ISD website to join the program. The openings mentioned in the TDT are for students currently in 5th grade.

The program asks volunteers to be available for at least 2 lunch time visits per month with the student assigned to them. Other activities are organized for mentors and students throughout the school year. It's a chance to help encourage a student to stay in school and follow the things they love to do in life.

The Wildcat Mentor Program pairs kids and community members together so the student can have an extra adult in their life. If you are interested in volunteering you can contact Dr. Nicole Riley at 254-215-6942.

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