Could you imagine sending your kid to an overnight trip with their school and she returns with a rope burn around their neck? Well a Texas mother is beyond upset that her 12-year-old daughter received a severe rope burn while under her schools care.

According to the unidentified victim,  she was playing on a swing that was held up by a rope and when she decided to take a break she felt the rope being pulled around her neck. After releasing the rope she turned around to find several young men standing behind her. Get this- the girl was reportedly one of two black girls on the trip!

The story gets worse...

After notifying staff of the incident they gave the young girl an aspirin and continued on with the two day trip. Not once was her mother notified of the incident.

Talk about crazy! As of now the victims mother is moving forward with a lawyer and home schooling her child for the remainder of the year.

How would you respond to this situation if it was your child?