Waka Flocka Flame is now Waka Flocka Farmer.

On Monday (July 26), the Atlanta rhymer shared two clips on his TikTok account of the beginning stages of becoming a farmer.

In the first video, Waka displays bundles of hay with which he feeds to his cows. He also shows himself leaving the Home Depot after a successful shopping trip. Finally, Waka looks into the camera and says, “I told myself I’mma learn how to farm, bruh.” He captioned the video, “Just a good o day,” adding an upside-down smiling emoji.

@wakaflockaJust a good o day ##wakaflockaflame♬ original sound - Waka Flocka

In the second clip, Waka Flocka gets dirty on his farm. The former Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star, is dressed in black overalls, and working on what appears to be his property as he revs up the lawnmower to cut the grass. He also breaks out the weed whacker to tackle those pesky weeds. Finally, Waka breaks up the soil with a hoe before he starts planting seeds for his tomato garden.

Man nature so beautiful ##eachoneteachone i’ll takeoff what y’all call celebrity life... Materials and everything that I got to show y’all
♬ original sound - Waka Flocka

"Man nature so beautiful,” he wrote in the caption, including the hashtag #eachoneteachone. “I’ll takeoff what y’all call celebrity life... Materials and everything that I got to show y’all."

Waka hasn't formally announced that he's leaving the rap community for the farming life, but it looks as if the Brick Squad leader has found himself a new hobby.

As far as music, it's been nine years and counting since Waka dropped a full-length studio album. His last project was Fans, Friends & Family in 2012. However, the rapper delivered his Salute Me or Shoot Me 7 mixtape last May. For the spring 2021 issue of XXL magazine, Waka said that he would be dropping the 8 Ball mixtape ahead of his long-awaited Flockaveli 2 album.

Nevertheless, it's good to see Waka Flocka Flame getting in touch with nature.

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