The debate about the greatest 50 rappers of all time is a hot one on Twitter right now, and Wale has officially thrown his name in the ring.

A fan-made list of the "Top 50 Greatest Rappers of All Time" has gone viral on social media, prompting many debates among rap enthusiasts about who actually deserves to be placed on it. Joining in the conversation on Tuesday (Aug. 6), Wale let it be known that he feels he should be on that list and he's not ashamed to say it.

"I’m one of the greatest rappers of all time . There I said it..." the D.C. rapper tweeted. When a fan seemed to scoff at "one of the best" (as opposed to the best), Wale explained he was merely being humble to avoid a bigger controversy.

"I come on the twitter and do the sarcasm self loathing bit... but if we bein honest ... I just said one of because I’m not tryna start a riot," Wale responded. "I know where I’m at.. and they do to... this pen work... “for myself and others."

He drove his point home again moments later, sharing a picture of himself performing in 2006 and adding, "The kid in the supreme doin Glastonbury in 2006 is one of greatest of all time... also shout out to Daniel Merriweather."

In 2018, Wale inked a new deal with Warner Records and has since been preparing his sixth studio album. In the interim, he dropped the Free Lunch EP in September 2018. The project featured appearances from Eric Bellinger and J. Cole, another name that's been a mainstay on these Top 50 lists.

You can view the original Top 50 list that sparked these debates below. Who makes your top 50?

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