Walmart is expanding in major way!

Just when you thought Walmart and their delivery service couldn't reach another level, the company expands in a major way. According to KWTX, Walmart is launching an expansion to their service with a new platform called 'GoLocal'.

'GoLocal' will bring items to your door from other retailers. Walmart has designed a system that will allow retailers to have thei items shipped through their company. In a recent press release President and CEO, John Furner said "Walmart has spent years building and scaling commerce capabilities that support our network of more than 4,700 stores and we look forward to helping other businesses have access to the same reliable, quality and low-cost services.”

It's been three years since Walmart established their delivery service and in that time they've managed to reaching nearly 70% of the U.S. population using its existing delivery network, including drones, autonomous vehicles and market fulfillment centers.

Walmart Go Local has already locked in a few contracts with retail companies and is currently looking for more. For more details on how 'Go Local' could benefit your company click here.

The good thing for customers is we will no longer have to visit any store. Pretty soon everything will be a click away.




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