So check this one out...


If you are going to travel dirty at least try to camouflage the smell LOL!

28-year-old Antonio Salis of Pflugerville was arrested last week when he arrived at Austin Bergstrom Airport on a flight from Sacramento.

KXAN in Austin reports that the arrest warrant says an officer asked Salis if he could search his luggage and he said no. A K-9 unit smelled the marijuana and the officer later confiscated the luggage finding 43 pounds of "that sweet cheebah".

Salis claimed he found the luggage in the street in Sacramento and checked the bags before he got on the flight to Austin.

He was later booked on 3rd-degree felony possession of marijuana charge.

Marijuana plant

He probbbbbbably thought they weren't checking folks because of the government shutdown lol I guess he found out!!!

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