The holidays are upon us! You've got decorations ready and your list of recipes ready to put on the table for the Thanksgiving feast. I feel you, I'm there too. But there are some folks that may not remember to put their turkey in the fridge TODAY (November 23), and think they can just rock their frozen turkey up until Turkey Day without any issues.

BREAKING: You will have issues.

I just wanted to share a few reminders to keep you from having a heated Thanksgiving dinner...since deep-fried turkey fires account for more than 1,000 fire emergency calls each year!

1. Oil has a higher boiling point than water. When ice makes contact with oil, it immediately turns to steam! This will send oil over the sides of the pot, and will splash on all surroundings - including the cook. This is why you must fully thaw your turkey if you plan on deep-frying it.

2. Make sure you have the right set-up. You want to set up your fryer away from your home and avoid wooden decks, patio covers, and garages. You'll see in the video below what can happen to your home if you don't have the right set-up and you skipped tip #1.

3. Don't over-fill your pot with oil. Again, see tip #1. The bird will submerge correctly when thawed. Keep the oil under 350° F - the hotter the oil is the more combustible it is.

4. Turn off the flame BEFORE submerging your turkey. You'll want to lower the turkey in slowly.

5. Keep a grease fire extinguisher nearby just in case. Trust me.

Now that you've got these things in mind, check it out in video!

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