Ludacris is currently gearing up to host MTV's new Fear Factor series, but he's not letting everyone forget his veteran presence in the hip-hop game. The "Vitamin D" rapper did a video segment with GQ, where he listed off his favorite rap lyrics of all time from some of the biggest names in the history of the genre.

The Atlanta native starts off with some rhymes from Pimp C on C-Murder's "AKickDoe!" record, calling the lines the "greatest four bars in rap, ever."

"The game fucked up, I ain't got no friends/I spent my last $70,000 on a drop-top Benz/Cause I'm a trill nigga/Down to put the forty to his Hillfiga," Luda rhymes in the video.

The Chicken & Beer MC also spits some famous bars from the likes of Eminem, The Notorious B.I.G., Andre 3000 and more. What makes his take on the songs even more unique, however, is the way he shares some of his insight on the lyrics itself.

Luda has had a major year, as the rapper saw huge success with the rest of the cast for the Fate of the Furious film. He also opened up his Chicken and Beer restaurant in his home city, which is doing exceedingly well.

Watch Ludacris break down his favorite rap lyrics for GQ in the video below.

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