The contaminated water epidemic in Flint, Mich. still hasn't been completely resolved to this day, but Lifetime is already telling the story of the area's biggest problem in their new movie. Queen Latifah stars in the new film Flint, where she plays a woman named Iza who joins forces with other women to fight back for clean drinking water.

The latest trailer for the movie, which premieres on Lifetime on Oct. 28, shows government officials telling citizens and attendees at a press conference that there is "nothing to worry about" regarding the water crisis. Scenes then depict the moments that residents discover their water to be contaminated in their homes due to lead within the pipes. Latifah's character appears to console a crying pregnant woman at a doctor's office before she joins three other ladies, including Jill Scott, to take a stand on the problem.

There has been some controversy surrounding the film, as many social media users have voiced their outrage over a movie being made on a crisis that is still currently going on in the Michigan city.

The film is written by Barbara Stepansky and directed by Bruce Beresford, and premieres on Sat., Oct. 28 at 8 p.m. EST.

Take a look at the official trailer for Flint below with Queen Latifah and be sure to tune in to watch it this weekend.

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