B106 the number one hip-hop station in Central Texas and Capitol Records wants to fill your fridge up with groceries!


We understand the pandemic is like nothing we’ve ever experienced before but that doesn’t mean we got to go hungry!


All you have do is download the B106 app search KOOC in your App Store and look for the daily app passwords then enter those for a shot at 3 Instacart grocery gift cards with an estimated value of $100 each.

Photo by Trey the Choklit Jok
Photo by Trey the Choklit Jok

Haaa you tried to click on that and enter your zip code, didn't you?

We’ll have multiple winners so download that app, here for Android here for Apple sit there and look cute, and wait on those app passwords for your chance to win!

Brought to you by Capitol Records and B106 Hip Hop and R & B!



Shopping cart with Supermarket convenience store aisle shelves interior blur for background

Enter here for your chance to win:

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