Outspoken TV show host Wendy Williams has a pretty clear message for Lady Gaga: stop blaming others for the failure of 'ARTPOP,' and start blaming yourself. Whoa.

During 'The Wendy Williams Show' on Friday, Jan. 10, the host ripped into Gaga, telling her to stop casting the blame on her team and start taking some responsibility for 'ARTPOP's' disappointing sales.

"The idea that she's clearing house, though, seems to me that she's playing the blame game and not taking credit for part of the 'flop-ation' herself," Williams surmised. (Gaga recently split ways with long-time manager Troy Carter.)

"Well, woman up, Gaga!" the host declared. "Because you have some culpability in this, also."

In one of the most awkward moments in the clip, Williams asks the audience to clap if they own 'ARTPOP.' Only several audience members do so, while the rest sit in an uncomfortable silence. Yikes.

"You can blame other people and clean house, but you gotta look at the person in the mirror," Williams concluded.

Watch the video below (from 0:00-4:36):

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