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A West Texas daycare worker quit her job after she allegedly saw another employee administer Benadryl to a child, on more than one occasion, to force the little girl to fall asleep.

Trystynn Lord was employed at Maw's Day Care for about a month before the incidents occurred. After quitting she obtained the phone number of the child's parents to let them know what happened.

Based on Lord's account, the other employees were downright casual about dosing a child they didn't want to deal with.

"‘Well, I have something to fix that’. . .she goes out of the classroom. . . I have no idea what’s going on, comes back in with a bottle of Benadryl, fills the medicine cap up, gives it to her tells her that it’s water so she’ll drink it because she did not want it at first," Lord told KTAB/KRBC.

Lord also said she saw the child dosed a second time the next day.

Not only is dosing a child without a parent's knowledge or consent distasteful, but it's also potentially deadly. According to Jessica Nouhavandi, a pharmacist, Benadryl overdoes can be incredibly dangerous:

"It is dangerous to take excessive amounts of diphenhydramine as there is a long list of possible side effects that come with diphenhydramine poisoning," Nouhavandi said. "In mild cases, side effects include sleepiness, dry mouth, constipation, and inability to pass urine. In severe cases, you may experience delirium, psychosis, seizures, or coma."

Maribel Sandoval, the mother of the little girl, was understandably shocked and upset when she received the call from Lorde.

"It was really hard to process, I just can’t imagine anyone doing that to a child," Sandoval said to KTAB/KRBC. "I had no idea about what was going on there like, uh, if I did, I mean, I trusted these people to watch my kids."

Maw's Day Care denied the allegations, but in addition to this latest accusation, the daycare center "has received 21 citations for deficiencies found by the Texas Department of Health and Human Services, including a citation for not properly background checking three employees." Yikes.

Whether or not Benadryl was given to the child will be difficult to prove, as the human body processes and eliminates the drug in about two days.

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