I missed the boat on being able to watch the Soprano’s as they were broadcasted weekly on HBO, but I did wander across them at Blockbuster after the series finale.  Hearing quite a bit of buzz about the series that was generated by the ending, I thought why not give it a shot when I can rent the cassette for five days for just a dollar.

Getty Images - Evan Agostini

There are lots of shows that you can watch that create an emotional attachment.  When you watch a series like “The Sopranos” that is so character focused, for six seasons in a row, you begin to feel like the characters are your very own family.

The central focus of “The Sopranos” is Tony Soprano.  He is the father, the boss and one of the smartest men that I have had the pleasure of getting to know.  He taught me many things as we spent six seasons together.  In memory of him, I wanted to share a few of the lessons that I learned from Tony Soprano that I deemed ‘most important’.

When it comes to parenting, Tony said, “You mess up once, you lose two teeth.”  I don’t feel like he is condoning parental violence with this statement, I like to think it means that if you were to mess up in life you have to understand that it will come back to hurt you twice as bad in the future.

Tony also had some great advice on acting right.  When a co-worker is on the internet he said, “Log off, that ‘cookies’ **** makes me nervous!”  Once again I do not think that he was just being cautious, I think what he is REALLY saying is that you should always do things in private that you would do in public.  If you act right when you are alone, not just in front of people, then things will go well.

When it comes to wasting time, Tony says, “A wrong decision is better than indecision.”  This speaks for itself… Don’t sit around and wait for things to happen.  Be proactive and try to make the right decisions and move forward in life.

So there you have it, a few life lessons from Tony Soprano himself.  For some more quotes from the epic series “The Sopranos” you can visit here.