On B106 yesterday I did a musical tribute for Tupac's Birthday. I automatically thought about where I was when I heard Tupac died.

I was working in Dallas at a spanish radio station. I was leaving work and I was on I35 going home. I was listening to K104 night show and they were taking calls and asking people if they wanted to do shout-outs. All the listeners were calling to find out if Tupac had really died and the two idiots on the radio were saying things like. " You wanna do a S/O" and all the listeners were asking if Tupac was in fact dead? These two DJ's were saying "yea he's dead, do you wanna do a shout out?" Every listeners that called in was asking about Pac and these two keep acting like it was no big deal the one of our Icons had died. I pulled over to call K104 and give them a piece of my mind. I called at least 12 to 15 times but the line was busy. Listeners already heard that Pac die and were asking to hear Tupac music and these two were "yea, we might throw some Pac later, Do you want to do a SHOUT-OUT?  I was so sadden that Pac had indeed died and mad at these two DJ's who didn't have the sense to know that Tupac was that important to people around the world.


RIP Tupac!

Where Were You When Tupac Died features a number of celebrities talking about where they were or what they were doing when tupac died.