And the winner is........................

Chelsea Hesson from Kileen!

Chelsea submitted this winning entry:

For the past 7 years my children and I have had extremely rough Christmas's. Last year my husband walked out not speaking to his children for more than a year leaving me to struggle to provide. Christmas of course was the hardest. This year is a bit different, the 3 of us are doing wonderful and I have an awesome job that will allow me to provide the Christmas they deserve. But maybe not for the people around us. My 7 year old heard your promotion for Lit Christmas on the radio and said "Mommy I wish we would provide Mema and Pepa with that stuff". I am entering for the family who stepped in and lifted not only mine, but my children's spirits in the last year. They are of no relationship to either of us we have just grown close enough to call them family. They helped last year by getting my children a few gifts but most of all reminding them that Christmas is all about family and they are now our family. They  have welcomed not only me but my children with open arms. This is something very rarely seen nowadays and with the hope of being able to fulfill my son's wish and provide those he loves with a Lit Christmas I am requesting your help! They truly deserve every good part of what this world has to offer. 

Congratulations to Chelsea Hesson and The Thurman family who received our runner up prize of a $400 gift card to Walmart!