Wiz Khalifa and Chris Brown think there are some, ahem, interesting things going on with the launch of the Space X rocket in California.

Last night (Dec. 22), the company, who is hellbent on independent space exploration, shot their Falcon 9 rocket into the atmosphere from Vandenberg Air Force Base, outside of Santa Barbara, Calif. The event created quite a spectacle in the sky, leaving many people in awe and others, like Wiz and Brown, questioning everything.

Wiz was spotted coming out of a restaurant last night in West Hollywood, when he gave his two cents on what he saw in the night's sky. "Shout out to all the U.F.O.'s, all the aliens out there. It was absolutely an alien. I called him," the "Something New" rapper told TMZ.

When the site's cameraman tried to explain the rocket launch to the Pittsburgh rapper, he wasn't trying to hear it. "No it wasn't [a rocket]. It was an alien," he added.

Chris Brown wasn't sold on the news reports either. "Is this a vortexes or a worm hole?" he captioned a video of the rocket on Instagram. “'Satellite detaching from fuel tanks which makes the 2 spots and the spiral is the fuel tanks burning from our atmospheric radiation belt?'” ( I guess this will be their explanation) 👀👽😏 I’m sleep though!!!! Let me stick to dancing."

The Virginia crooner added more commentary in a selfie video. "It's bullshit. Don't let the news fake you out," Breezy started. "They would have announced it earlier if it was a fucking satellite. Everybody and my mama seen this motherfucker. Ain't no damn satellite. Y'all better stop lying. No partial disclosure. Fucking disclosure please."

We wonder what B.o.B thinks about this.

Check out Wiz and CB's reactions below.

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