I don't have a crystal ball that tells me the future so I'll have to rely on other tools, like the internet.

No matter how optimistic I am at the start of the new year, January in Central Texas always brings with it some cold and rainy weather which, in return, makes me feel a little less thrilled about the new year. Apparently, I'm not alone.

According to a new poll of 3,000 people that Ezvid Wiki, a video wiki, software and media company, did, turns out most Texans voted January as the worst month of the year in the misery index. Seems like the Christmas buzz wears off pretty quickly round here.

Ezvid Wiki then looked at the past 36 years of past weather data to determine what the coldest, wettest day of the month was and found that January 18th was the "most miserable day of the year for us here in the great state of Texas".

So January 18th ranks as the most miserable day here in Texas, but other states' most miserable days are different. Check out this interactive infographic mapping out each state’s most miserable day of the year that was created by Ezvid Wiki.

Caroline Eliasson from Ezvid Wiki says, "Admittedly, no one wants to be outdoors on such cold, gloomy days, which is why it is the perfect opportunity to book the day off to spend a day in cuddled up in front of the TV. After a challenging 2020, you deserve it!"

Knowing is half the battle, so knowing what day is the most miserable for us Texans gives us the chance to plan the day off. After looking at the calendar and realizing that Monday, January 18th is Martin Luther King Jr Day, some of us may already have the day off. For those who don't, now may be a good time to request it.

Of course, it being MLK Day also makes it the National Day of Service, so the bright side is that you can use that day to lift other people's spirits, which will in turn raise yours. Hey, beats sitting around being miserable.

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