Everyone has had "wash me" written on their dirty car. If not, then you must keep a very clean car, sir/ma'am. 

I'm guilty of drawing emojis - my favorite being =( - it's simple and gets the point across saying, "hey, you're dirty car is making me sad so please remedy the situation."

San Antonio barber/artist Rob The Original is known for a lot of things. His cutting edge barber technique (which includes portraits of San Antonio Spurs players as haircuts on Spurs fans), providing the homeless with free haircuts in SA, and some mesmerizing 'dirty car art' that exceeds the artistic prowess of a WASH ME sign.

He also does tortillas. Just sayin...

Check out this Texas man's highly unusual art and if you have some art you'd like to share on your windshield, send 'em over for all to see!

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