YG paid his last respects to the homie Nipsey Hussle by smoking at the late rapper's gravesite.

Nip was laid to rest on Thursday (April 11) following a huge ceremony at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. On Saturday (April 13), video surfaced that shows YG and a collection of his friends solemnly standing next to Nipsey's grave, which had yet to be filled in with dirt at the filming of the video. YG puffs on what appears to be a blunt while staring down into the open grave.

Despite being from opposite sides of the color spectrum, both artists shared a strong friendship. They notably collabed on the tracks "FDT" (2016) and "The Last Time I Checc'd" (2018).

In the wake of Nipsey's death, YG revealed the two rappers tried to make an album together. "I’m lost homie. We had so much shit in the works," he captioned a photo of the two rappers on Instagram. "TV shows that was being written, A album 2 OF AMERIKKKAZ MOST WANTED that we tried to work on twice but it never got done, If niggaz know NIP then Niggaz know bro got his own recording process. He rather start doin musik at 10am."

He continued, "But we was 4sho gone do it 1 day, damn bro I’m sick. The shit we had is forever bro! THE WORLD DIDNT KNOW WHAT THEY HAD TILL YOU WAS GONE I BEEN KNEW!"

YG also had a surprise solo album he planned on dropping this month that he postponed in honor of Nip. See video of YG blowing it down at Nipsey's burial site below.

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