Rappers have security to keep them away from hurt, harm and danger. Many times when fans threaten to mess up this balance, the punishment doled out is swift and just. Such an incident happened over the weekend when one of the members of Yo Gotti's security detail had to tackle a man in the middle of a show.

On Saturday night (June 8), Gotti performed at The Block Party Festival in San Antonio, Texas. During a live rendition of his single "Law," one fan got way too hype and hopped onstage to bounce around next to the rapper. Without warning, one of Gotti's security came out of nowhere and form tackled the fan out of the picture. Yo Gotti didn't skip a beat while the whole thing went down. According to TMZ, after getting sacked, the man was detained by the police. It is unclear if he was booked for the incident.

In other Yo Gotti-related news, last month the Memphis rapper was hit with a $6.6 million default judgement after being sued by rapper Young Fletcher who claims Gotti accepted $20,000 to be featured on a song but never followed through with his side of the deal. Gotti was reportedly served with legal papers during a show but allegedly never responded to the suit.

Check out footage of an overzealous Yo Gotti fan getting form tackled by the rapper's security below.

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