Times are tough, and sometimes you just need to do something a little bit silly and a lotta bit fun to truly relax.

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Enter Goat Shenanigans, a business that knows goats! If you need some cute goats to spice up your life or special event, than Goat Shenanigans has you covered!

Goat Shenanigans is based in Austin, but that doesn't mean they're not available to bring the party your way. In fact, there are a few events coming to Temple in October that you do not want to miss.

Goat Yoga and Wine

There're some people out there that don't believe Yoga is true form of exercise. Let me tell you, they are absolutely wrong.

On Sunday, October 3, Goat Shenanigans will be hosting a "Goat Yoga and Wine" event at 3 Texans Winery and Vineyard from 11 AM to 12 PM. You read right: goat yoga at a winery! I'm down already. 3 Texans Winery and Vineyard is located at 7536 FM 2409 in Temple.

Take some time to stretch those achy muscles, while also enjoying the pitter-patter of some adorable goats. Be warned: these goats will definitely be testing your balance.

After yoga, stick around and enjoy some awesome adult beverages. All ages are welcome to attend. Non-alcoholic drinkers and those underage are welcome to swap out their drinks for something more suitable.

Tickets start at $26, and are available for purchase by clicking here.

Painting Pumpkins with Goats

Okay, so maybe Yoga isn't your forte. How about pumpkin painting? Oh, let me not forget to mention wine is included in this event too!

A pumpkin and painting supplies will be provided, as you draw inspiration from the cutest little baby goats around.

This event takes place Sunday, October 3 at 3 Texans Winery and Vineyard from 3 PM to 4:30 PM.

Tickets start at $18 and are available for purchase by clicking here.

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