Call when you can -text when you can’t!

Starting this Sunday, Bell County residents can now text their situation to dispatchers at Bell County's 911 Communication Center.

So don’t think you can just randomly text 911 it’s intended primarily for use in specific emergency scenarios.

For example someone who is speech or hearing impaired, a person who cannot call 911 due to a medical emergency, in the event of a crime such as a home invasion where you can’t call or if your in a domestic violence situation where is not safe to make a voice call.

Also please keep that in mind that YOU SHOULD ONLY text 911 when you can't call.

And mind should be just that....a text no more than 160 characters.

Don't upload videos, or send memes, or send emoji's it's not what that's for ok pumpkin?

There's more!

No slang or abbreviations...

So you can't send a text saying:

WYD? This crazy individual walked in here and had me thinking WTF? Anyway, he may have a gun...yall may need to pull up! 

Umm no lol...



The proper way to send that text message would be including location information, city name, and nature of the emergency.

Let's try it again:

"Hello. I am Fred Flinstone, at 1313 Mockingbird Lane in Harker Heights there is a guy that just walked into the Reagle Beagle with a gun screaming at everyone please come quick!"

See what I mean?

Lastly, keep in mind that texts aren't always instant, and it may take longer to dispatch emergency services which is why this is only recommended if you can't call.

For more information call 254-933-5500

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