Young Dolph may have a few issues, but clearly money isn't one of them. In his latest social media post, the Memphis rapper appears to throw away a $22 million deal.

According to Dolph, he was offered a multi-million dollar deal earlier this year.  "Bruh, for the last six months, I been havin' a muthafuckin' 22 million dollar contract, debatin' on should I do the deal or not," Dolph explains. After throwing what appears to be the contract onto his camo-covered Rolls-Royce, the "Paranoid" rhymer looks at the camera and gives his decision. "Fuck the $22 million," he says before bursting into laughter.

It's unclear if the contract in question is a management contract, a record deal, or something different.

After posting the video, Young Dolph took it a step further as he shopped for thousands of dollars in gold and diamonds. "This ain't none of that rap shit," he says on his Instagram story. "Ain't none of that super cap shit, you know what I'm sayin'? You niggas get offered a million dollars you gon' sign your life away, your momma' life away, daddy life away, everybody fuckin' life away."

Clearly money isn't a problem for the self-made artist, who continues to release music through his own label, Paper Route Empire. While at Rolling Loud Miami, Dolph—who was performing tracks off his February effort, Niggas Get Shot Everydaygifted two former coffee shop employees with $20,000. You may remember the baristas were fired after playing his song "Get Paid" while on the clock at Duke University.

"Keep in mind, that was a VP at Duke University that fired them at work for playing the song 'Get Paid,'" he told the festival crowd. "Check this out. This what we gon' do. I know for a fact that that VP at that school, he getting money, but he ain't getting money like Dolph. Until y'all get you a new job, until y'all find you a new job, I got $20,000 for y'all right now."

Young Dolph is currently working on new music. Watch his latest Instagram clip below while you wait for it.

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