Young Dro and Stevie J are trading jabs on social media. And it's getting ugly.

There has seemed to be underlying issues between these two since the rumor mill was saying Dro was the father of Joseline Hernandez's baby, not the Hit Man producer. The beef made its way public recently, with the Atlanta rapper calling out J over comments he made on Instagram.

The beat maker turned reality show star recently posted a screen shot of a text message that appears to imply that Dro is into getting down with transsexuals on the low.

Dro fired back with his own IG post. Uploading a meme that reads, "Real niggas don't worry about other niggas," the "Shoulder Lean" MC went in. "@hitmansteviej_1 do u know how many people don't pay attention to u ? I'm one of em !!!!!!!!!!, he started off. "U keep on reaching my boy u taking shots like u can't get ate nigga your old ass food !!!!! U can tell all your lies kick this internet shit all u want to but Ima real street nigga I'm not gone play when I catch u in the jungle I'll fye yo ass up and after u whoeva else can get it my boy. From the desk of Djuan Hart duck ass nigga #fuckwrongwitcha #Aintgotshit2dowitnanbitch."

The drama continues. Check out the social media shots below.

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