Dogs can get a bit chilly, so if you need a jacket going outside, chances are your dog does too.

According to the American Kennel Club, sometimes dogs need a winter coat, especially ones without thick fur. Of course, if you have a Siberian Husky or German Shepard, they probably don't need a jacket.

My fur pal Sonny on the other hand is a Daschund, and he definitely always has a jacket on during cold winter days. Since Sonny is so low to the ground, it is easy for his belly to get cold. On rainy days, Sonny also wears a jacket because otherwise his belly gets wet quickly!

I know that a lot of people are opposed to putting clothes on animals, but this is actually for a good reason. Just think about how chilly you get when the weather drops below 40. Your BFF is feeling the exact same way.

Here's a quick list to determine if your pup needs a coat:

  • Senior Dogs
  • Dogs that sit low to the ground
  • Miniature or toy dogs
  • Dogs with lean bodies and short hair
  • Long haired dogs that receive grooming
  • Puppies

That's a lot of dogs! Most likely your dog qualifies for a winter coat. Don't think of this as a frivolous purchase, because your dog is a part of your family. You wouldn't let your kids or grandmother go outside during inclement weather without something to protect them, so don't let your doggie go without either.

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