What started as a social media sensational video ended with a fractured skull as Youtuber, Saa Fomba, fractured his skull during his recorded jump off of the Pennybacker Bridge in Austin, Texas.

The Percy V. Pennybacker Jr. Bridge in Austin is an arched bridge that expands across Lake Austin which connects the northern and southern sections of Loop 360 highway, also known as the "Capital of Texas Highway."

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CBS Austin reported that Austin-Travis County EMS responded to an "unknown" call at Plaza on the Lake at 2:34 p.m on Monday, November 23rd, following the jump.

There, according to CBS, they located a male subject lying on the ground and repeatedly clutching his head. Officials declared the subject a trauma alert based on the height of the fall and transported him to St. David's South Austin Medical Center.

The caption in the video posted by Fomba states "You might see it as jumping for views, but I see more. I wasn't built for just normal, I’m a dream chaser, I don’t settle for less, I will leave my mark on this planet we call earth our home.

Unfortunately, the dream he was chasing left Fomba in the hospital with a fractured skull as well as negative commentary from fans and the general public who felt he had risked his life unnecessarily.

Hopefully, Fomba will make a full recovery and consider the risks in the future more thoughtfully.

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