UPDATE: 9:38 AM: Belton police say southbound lanes have reopened, but northbound lanes remained closed. It could take as long as two hours to complete the northbound cleanup.


It was like a mini 4th of July early this morning with flaming aerosol cans flying across the north and southbound lanes of I-35 in Belton.

It was the result of an 18-Wheeler fire that happened near mile marker 294 in Belton. The truck caught fire early this morning and once the fire reached the trailer the aerosol cans started to fly out of the truck and scatter across both directions of traffic on the interstate.

The truck fire happened between 6th Avenue and the Highway 190 entry ramp according to KWTX News 10. No injuries have been reported so far. The northbound lanes will likely be closed until at least 7 am according to early estimates.

Traffic Map via i35-maps.tti.tamu.edu
Traffic Map via i35-maps.tti.tamu.edu


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