Bhad Bhabie pulls up with a new banger. This one is called "Yung and Bhad," and it features the talents of City Girls.

Released earlier today (Aug. 30), the new track features everything you've come to expect from both acts. For her part, Bhad Bhabie delivers a verse dripping in condescension and outright flexes.

"Young and bad, young and rich/Banana clips on the stick/Pull up and pop at your bitch (Pop at your bitch)/Been in this shit for a minute," spits the teen rhymer formerly known as the Cash Me Ousside girl.

Next up on the track is the incarcerated JT, who echoes that same arrogant vibe Bhad Bhabie laid down beforehand. "City Girls got these hos shook like a soda/Now I drive a Porsche, bitch, you drive a Toyota/Used to make the money stretch like yoga/I told y’all once I get rich, it’s over," she spits on the track.

Ending things on the track is Yung Miami, who gives some props to herself and JT. "Young and bad/We can’t talk until that check cut (Nah)/Just signed a deal under a year, gotta respect us/Purse YSL, shoes Chanel, bitch, I’m living well/It’s a blessing that we made it, ‘cause we been through hell," she raps.

Check out "Yung and Bhad" for yourself below. Peep the dates for Lil Yachty and Bhad Bhabie's joint trek, The Disrespect Tour, when you're done.

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