Summer is right around the corner and I know how difficult it is to find a summer camp that you as a parent will love and a place that your kid wouldn't mind waking up early for everyday. Well no worries, I've actually narrowed the search down for you and found two pretty decent camps.

1) Camp Heatwave in Temple, TX has been around for 12 years now. The camp provides your kids with various outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, archery, swimming, canoeing and much more.

The camp has about 200-230 campers each week which allows the kids a chance to socialize and meet new people. Usually kids grow out of their camps as time passes but the beauty of this particular camp is when your child hits a certain age the qualify to become a camp counselor in training and then at 16 they can apply to work for the actual camp. Cool right?

To obtain more information  click on Camp Heatwave

2) Camp Double Creek is located in Round Rock, TX and is a day camp for children aged 4-14. Camp Doublecreek has been around for over 20 years and offer various activities such as swimming, horseback riding, miniature golf, animals. archery, tumbling, sports, arts and crafts,tennis,a playscape, and many other fun games!

Camp Doublecreek provides free transportation and camp starts as early as 7:30am.

For more information visit Camp Doublecreek