This seriously needs to be turned into a romantic comedy!

So yesterday, while spending my usual 34235 hours browsing online, I came across an article about two best friends who, after 4 years of friendship, decide to date each-other as a social experiment. Clearly  I was intrigued, so I checked out their website and was immediately hooked!

The idea for the experiment was born when two graphic designers based out of New York, Jessica and Timothy, wanted to find out why they haven't been successful in relationships. They decided it would be an interesting social experiment if they tried dating each other, and shared it with the rest of America.

The rules? They would date each other for 40 days, and journal about their experience everyday. After the initial 40 days was over, Jess and Tim then started publishing on of their journal entries every day. Right now they are up to day 17, and after crazy ups and downs and almost quitting the experiment, have JUST KISSED for the first time! Ahhh, I am such a girl when it comes to stuff like this! I desperately want them to fall in love and live happily ever after! Watch a video of their experiment rules below!

What do you think? Could you date your bff? Tweet me, @DaniOnB106!

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