A new report has ranked each state in the U.S. for for best internet coverage, price, and speed.

According to a new report from BroadbandNow, Texas ranks number 8 in all three categories.

Every state was ranked from best to worst based on access to broadband (including satellite), access to terrestrial broadband, access to low-priced wired broadband plans, and average MLabs download speed.

The following values are how the data was weighed:

  • 30% Terrestrial Broadband Access Rank
  • 30% Wired Low-Priced Plan Access Rank
  • 30% Speed Test Rank
  • 5% Broadband Access Rank (includes non-wired)
  • 5% Low-Priced Plan Access Rank (includes non-wired)

The average speed test for Texas came in at 163.7 Mbps, which seems pretty great! I wish my internet at home and work went that fast.

First place went to the state of New Jersey, second, the state of New York, and third place went out to the state of Maryland.

Which internet provider do you favor in your area? Do you agree with the results?

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