If you are one of the many TWC subscribers, like myself, you may not get to watch your favorite CBS programs on tv OR online!

So last night, I tried to log onto cbs.com to watch an episode of How I Met Your Mother. This is what I was greeted with:

Time Warner blocks cbs.com
Dani's Screenshot

Due to the fact that I use Time Warner Cable for TV and Internet, I am not allowed to watch any CBS shows online, and if you have TWC, neither can you. This block comes in the wake of the Time Warner Cable/CBS blackout, where in Dallas, LA, NY, and other big markets, CBS has been blacked out by Time Warner Cable due to disputes over, what else, money.

Without getting too technical I'll sum up the argument in one sentence. CBS wants more money, and Time Warner Cable doesn't want to give it to them. Basically CBS feels like they aren't getting their fair share of money earned by their programming, which includes favorites like The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, NCIS, and more. They want to basically double their money, moving from earning $1 per subscriber, to $2 per subscriber. On the other side of the fence Time Warner says they are just looking out for their customers best interest. They have suggested adding CBS as an a la carte service, for an additional fee. Ummm, what? Last time I checked, I can watch CBS for free if I go fish out an old tv antenna.

While I appreciate TWC not gouging their prices, I feel rather slighted that I can't go online and watch a free service, due to my choice of internet provider. I can't even imagine how irritated I'd be if central Texas becomes a blackout zone. All we can hope for is the two mega-corporations to come to agreement before the fall lineup resumes. Because if I miss Ted Mosby meeting the mother on the last season of HIMYM, I won't be a happy camper.

(Sidenote: I actually had to rewrite this whole article because my internet mysteriously quit working as soon as clicked publish...coincidence? I'll let you decide! lol) 

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