In "Somebody needs a spanking news", a Utah State Trooper pulled over a five-year-old boy who reportedly stole his parent's car because he was mad his mom wouldn't buy him a $250,000 Lamborghini.

KDFW-TV reports the boy was on his way to visit his sister in California.

Furious his mom wouldn't front him the $250k, the five-year-old packed a suitcase filled with Lunchables, charged up his IPAD, and got on the road!

Though I'm kidding about the Lunchables, the suitcase, and the IPAD (or am I?), the young boy was pulled over after a state trooper spotted him slowly swerving in the family SUV.

The trooper says the boy had driven several miles before he was stopped, despite barely being able to see or reach the brake pedal. The trooper described seeing the SUV weaving around going just over 30 mph. To the kid's credit, he did pull over as soon as the trooper sounded his siren.

The child was reportedly on the verge of tears when the trooper questioned him, and when he showed his wallet to the officer, there were only three dollars inside. He'll need a lot more than that to get that Lambo, but it'll take a while if his allowance gets cut off because of this.

It does sound like the kid realizes that what he did was wrong, but how did he get the keys in the first place, and how did he get so far before anyone noticed he wasn't home?

What would you do if your young kid took your car like this?



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