50 Cent is known for giving celebrities a hard time, but in this case, a lot of people would say he's justified.

On Friday (May 24), Fif jumped on his Instagram account and called out famous self-help guru Tony Robbins for using the N-word in an old presentation video.

"@tonyrobbins what the fuck kinda point were you trying to prove," he writes. "I know @oprah is not cool with this shit."

The incriminating clip, which was recently reported on BuzzFeed News on Thursday (May 23), features Robbins telling a story at a presentation of an "intense" encounter with a predominantly militant Black audience at a previous event.

According to Robbins' claim, he somehow convinced the group to sing a song using the N-word in an attempt to free them of their "mental slavery." Robbins then starts to dance while singing, "I'm a nigger, you're a nigger, be a nigger too."

The audience watching Robbins' bizarre speech gasped, laughed and clapped as he continued to detail how he overcame racial differences with this militant Black group.

The video comes as Robbins is going through a PR nightmare following Buzzfeed News' reports of various sexual misconduct allegations against the 59-year-old book author. Robbins has worked with several celebrities during his career including Oprah Winfrey and the Kardashians.

In response to the video, Robbins' attorneys issued a statement that reads: "It is evident that after the BuzzFeed article authored by you regarding our clients was so thoroughly rejected and ignored by the public, that BuzzFeed has now resorted to scouring the internet for any historical content featuring Mr. Robbins that you can attempt to spin a negative fashion."

See 50 Cent's post calling out Tony Robbins on his IG page below.

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