In the past couple of weeks alone, 50 Cent has had no shortage of targets to focus his social media energy on. Recently, he has joked about everything from Floyd Mayweather’s pockets running low to even making time to come for Busta Rhymes’ neck, literally, and now it appears Fif has yet another new subject to focus on—Ebro Darden.

Monday (Oct. 8), Hot 97’s Ebro and his morning show co-hosts were discussing the recent fight that broke out after Conor McGregor was defeated by Khabib Nurmagomedov this past weekend (Oct. 6). The radio hosts then shifted the conversation to the subject of whether or not such unpredictability would play a factor in either party being able to be booked for future events.

During this debate, 50 Cent’s name was thrown into the ring, with Ebro reminding viewers that actions do often hold weighty consequences, especially when it comes to being invited back into the building in the future. He then explains how past incidents involving 50 specifically have resulted in his being banned from returning to both Hot 97’s annual Summer Jam concert and his radio show.

To give viewers context, Ebro then references how 50 Cent caused a scene during the 2004 Summer Jam, during which he threw a chair. A decade later, in 2014, the rapper was given a second chance and invited back, resulting in another controversy after he had fellow rapper SlowBucks’ chain snatched on stage. As such, in Ebro’s mind as a host and promoter, inviting 50 Cent back to Hot 97 simply won’t be happening again anytime soon.

Fif caught wind of the on-air commentary and decided to respond on Twitter, sharing a photo of the radio host with the caption, “Ebro ls now ln need of security, and ls currently band from NY city night life. He Will be punched in the face shortly. LOL.”

With the typo clear ammunition for a response, Ebro fired back, adding, “*banned .... C’mon you supposed to smart N stuff.”

Looks like 50 Cent isn’t willing to let this radio ban go on for much longer, or at least, not before the two duke it out either in person or on social media.

Take a look at 50 Cent and Ebro Darden’s back-and-forth below, and watch the original commentary that sparked this possibly escalating beef.

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