Today I had the pleasure of broadcasting live at the grand opening of The House Of Glamour!




The owner Kay (right in the middle with the black shirt) originally from the Dallas area, says that she realizes that it is very expensive to get a sew in, and that's why House Of Glamour is the home of the $50 weave.


"You don't have to pay $200-$300 for a fabulous sew in you can get an affordable one at House Of Glamour" she boasts.  


All of their staff has been trained to cater to your needs.


So if you want that vintage finger wave like Salt had in the 'Whatta Man' video: 

Getty Images

Or that thugged out braid thing Pepa got going..... they got you! 


Ok I'm kidding lol... 


But they cater to your needs at House Of Glamour! 


Shouts out to all the Glam Girls!


***Danielle, Carley, Tanaura, Jennifer, Leah, Britney, Eva, Annette and Facenia*** 



908 West Rancier outside the East Gate!