6ix9ine has officially been released from prison due to coronavirus concerns and fans are wondering if new music is on the way.

On Thursday evening (April 3), Dawn Florio, one of the lawyers who represents Tekashi, confirmed to XXL that the rapper will finish out the remainder of his prison sentence on home confinement. Within the conditions of 6ix9ine's release, Florio also said that he will be allowed to record new music. These new records include both a Spanish and an English album. He will be able to return to social media as well.

6ix9ine has been behind bars since his Nov. 18, 2018 arrest on federal firearm and racketeering charges. He was granted an early release due to his asthma condition, which could have made it difficult for him to fight the coronavirus, had he contracted the illness while in prison.

Over a week ago, Tekashi's legal counsel sought approval from Judge Paul Engelmayer for him to finish out his sentence at home. Judge Engelmayer did not have the legal authority to grant the rapper an early release, therefore denying the request. The judge then advised 6ix9ine's lawyers to file a request for compassionate released with the Bureau of Prisons. The BOP, however, could not give the seal of approval because the rapper was housed at a private facility that was not under their control.

Although the Brooklyn rapper might be happy to be serving the rest of his sentence at home, T.I. revealed that Kodak Black should have been released first. Despite Kodak and Tip having exchanged disses last April, the Atlanta rapper said that the former XXL Freshman's freedom should be a priority over Tekashi's.

“Shiiiit Dey need to Free @kodakblack den..." T.I. said in the comments section of DJ Akademiks' Instagram post about 6ix9ine. "They should free Kodak first."

Tekashi was originally scheduled to be released from prison on Aug. 2, 2020.

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