6ix9ine appears to have had a brief standoff with an attendee at a recent UFC event.

TMZ reported this morning (Sept. 27) that the Brooklyn rapper attended UFC 266 featuring headlining martial arts boxer Alexander Volkanovski going up against Brian Ortega at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday (Sept. 25). As he walked through the venue, presumably to head to his seat, Tekashi was taunted and heckled by an unidentified man.

In the clip, obtained by the gossip website, the man can be heard yelling at 6ix9ine and saying, "Aye, 6ix9ine, you a fuck-boy. You a pussy, nigga." The individual then repeatedly calls the rapper-informant a "bitch" and proceeds to throw a drink at Tekashi.

The man continued accosting 6ix9ine, telling him, "I’ll beat the shit out of you punk-boy. Bitch. You a straight ho, 6ix9ine. You a straight ho."

TMZ reports that sources claim the beverage the man threw at the rhymer looked like coffee and actually splashed on others at the event.

Tekashi walked back up to the man and launched his own drink at him. Security rushed over to the scene to break up the incident. It's unclear if Tekashi faced any consequences for his actions, but the outlet notes that the man who was gibing 6ix9ine was reportedly taken out of the event in handcuffs.

Aside from this recent incident, 6ix9ine has been relatively calm via social media. However, according to hip-hop manager Wack 100, Tekashi is making moves silently. Earlier this month, Wack, who also manages Blueface and The Game, claimed that he has secured $43 million worth of deals for Tekashi, is helping the rapper negotiate deals and more. He's insinuating that the two are working together in some capacity. And although Wack didn't label himself as Tekashi's manager, it appears that he has taken on a role of some sort to ink partnerships for the TattleTales artist.

Check out the altercation between Tekashi and the unidentified man at the UFC fight this past weekend below.

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