It's almost time to celebrate 7-Eleven's birthday!

The pandemic changed everything even how long we get to celebrate 7-Eleven's birthday. Before last year July 11 aka 7/11 was the day of free Slurpees at the chain store but with the pandemic, the one-day birthday celebration turned into an entire month ordeal.

According to USA Today, the convenience store chain is spreading out its 94th “birthday celebration to avoid having millions of Americans crowded around Slurpee machines on a single day.”

The annual birthday tradition will continue despite their attempt to limiting crowds but there's a catch! You must be a 7rewards member to cash in on a FREE Slurpee.

7-Eleven will drop coupons for free small Slurpees in the accounts of rewards members on July 1st. If you sign up at any time during July you will receive the coupon through an email or via the app.

There's a limit of one free Slurpee per member while supplies last. The coupon is valid until July 31st.



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